Email Signature Generator

The simplest tool to create attractive and professional email signature in just a few clicks. Easy install to all email clients you can imagine!

Install into Chrome

Install in 2 clicks

Go to Chrome web store and hit Add to Chrome

Fill in your info

Add/remove fields and control how they behave

Copy the result

Copy your signature and add it to an email client

Email signature in a few clicks

Just install the Chrome extension, set up your info fields, paste the generated signature into an email client – and you're all set!

Slick look

The minimalistic template will leave a lasting impression with every mail you send


Add all the info that describes you: email, phone, website, job title, even photo

Easy setup

With our detailed instructions install it into your favorite email client – or into all of them

You're one step away

From your best email signature. Install the extension and create email footer that speak volumes about your identity and leave a lasting impression with every mail you send.

Install into Chrome